Brandon Michon: Raise The Bar





  • It's time to get our schools back to the basics

  • Focus on literacy, including financial literacy

  • Increase trade programs and advanced programs 

  • Support and protect our law enforcement

  • Secure our border and maintain a strong military

  • Re-establish respect on the international stage 

As a father to four children under the age of nine, Brandon understands that our children’s development is grounded in the idea that we are all social beings and that attending school in person, without mandates, allows our children to flourish in a positive learning environment.

Brandon is a problem solver and a political outsider who is invested in the future of our country and is willing to fight for our freedoms. Through his service-oriented mindset, Brandon is a straight shooter who isn’t afraid to advocate for his community, the rights granted to us as American citizens, and someone who will raise the bar in Washington.
  • We must tackle inflation and spending head on

  • Focus on becoming energy independent and leverage the resources of America

  • Fix our supply chains and the labor force to put more money back in your pockets 

As your next Congressman, Brandon's top priorities will be: