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Our education system is crumbling under corrupt leaders who want to control our children’s lives, keep parents out of the classroom and force good teachers out of the schools because of bureaucratic red tape. Following his speech in front of the Loudoun County School Board, Brandon Michon has become the voice of families in Virginia and across the nation as they continue fighting for the rights of parents and children in their education systems.  

Brandon is actively working to end the unconstitutional mask mandates that school administrators are forcing on our children. He will also ensure that the divisive agenda of Critical Race Theory is no longer being forced on our children and educators. He believes there should be a renewed focus on literacy, history, science and advanced math and learning the skills that will create innovators, scientists, authors and musicians that will continue to make this great country flourish.


As a husband and father, Brandon knows how hard Americans work to take care of their families. He is a businessman with an institutional banking background and he has the experience to understand the issues that face our economy.  He has seen how Biden’s anti-American agenda has disrupted our economy and caused record inflation throughout the country. Brandon believes you should decide how your dollars are spent, not on skyrocketing prices at the pumps and the checkout line. It’s time we put an end to reckless spending and restore the economy by bringing Brandon’s common-sense to Washington, D.C. 

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Small businesses have suffered enough since the start of covid, it’s time to end the job-killing mandates and focus on helping establish and grow small businesses to produce new, good paying jobs for families in Virginia’s 10th District, the Commonwealth and the country. Local small businesses are the backbone of our great economy. Brandon understands that burdensome regulations and red tape can cripple our business owners for years.  He intends to cut through the red tape in Washington to allow business to thrive.


Since 2020, Virginians and Americans have seen first-hand what criminals with no accountability are capable of. Crime has increased in many parts of the country with unchecked theft, assaults and murder. Cities around this great nation have seen how the soft on crime attitude can cause communities to be thrown into disarray. Brandon proudly supports the men and women of our law enforcement who are willing to risk their lives every day to protect our communities. He also believes we should have strong and honest prosecutors within our court systems to make sure our communities stay safe. 

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The Constitution is clear, our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Our Second Amendment is and shall remain a foundational part of our democracy and Brandon will fight relentlessly to uphold that right in Congress. 


As a father of four wonderful children, Brandon cannot imagine this world without them. He will be a steadfast voice for the unborn and work hard to ensure American dollars are not being spent on taxpayer-funded abortions. Everyone deserves the right to life. 

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