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The New American: Brandon Michon - Raise the Bar in Washington, D.C.

Brandon Michon, a father of four, has been passionate about keeping schools open during the pandemic. He also has been involved in the Loudoun County parents’ movement that petitioned for the recall of the local school board that covered up sexual assaults, pushed controversial policies and retained unscientific masks mandates for schoolchildren.

Just recently, Mr. Michon has announced his bid for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. He told Veronika Kyrylenko of The New American that three key issues that he would address as a Representative would include education, safety, and the economy.

Mr. Michon’s education agenda includes ending the unconstitutional mask mandates for children and ensuring that the divisive Critical Race Theory has no place in public schools. He also believes there should be a renewed focus on literacy, history, science and advanced math and learning the skills that will create innovators, scientists, and authors that will continue to make the greatest country in the world flourish.

As a businessman who spent most of his career in New York in the field of institutional banking, Mr. Michon blasted President Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies that hurt all Americans and said that it is time we put an end to reckless spending.

Mr. Michon is highly critical of the “soft-on-crime” approach that caused Virginian communities to encounter the rise in violent crimes.

The key values that guide Brandon are Family, Community, and Service to God.

To learn more about Brandon Michon, please go to https://www.brandonforcongress.com/

View the whole interview here.

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